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Hi everyone,

Our first networking-conference at Club St-James on Sept, 14th was a success! Including local associations, US fiscal and immigration experts, we were 32 participants, conference room was full. Tens of questions on fiscal laws, immigration, logistics, feasibility from everyone, we were able to cover a lot of what it takes to tackle mandates south of the border.

Special thanks to Claire Laplante from CFLA (, Jean-Philippe and Alain Daigle from USA Visa Express ( who were bombarded by questions by truly interested participants. Not to forget two major consulting and IT organizations ( and Réseau ACTION TI) who made it in support of the event.

Our phase 1 is now officially completed. We have heard you, we will keep increasing the number of relevant informations through our blog and other tools, and work to demonstrate the recipe works, and that you do have a better than ever opportunity to sign these exciting opportunities that keep showing up on the portal.

Hence our efforts will be focused on maintaining and increasing our visibility both on the quality candidates side as on the incoming opportunities feed we provide to you. We also were asked to repeat such events and if possible bring some US firms to Montreal for an other round, where we could discuss the culture and requirements from their end. Webcasts will also be planned on specific topics in the coming months, stay tuned!

In the meantime, we’ll do our best to help you sign some of these roles, after all this is what we are here for. So please consider these new opportunities, we received in the last week:

⦁ 0021 – (CS) Cloud Developer (DevOps Engineer) – North of Boston, MA
⦁ 0022 – (CS) Oracle Project Manager – North of Boston, MA
⦁ 0023 – (CS) Senior SalesForce Admin – New York, NY
⦁ 0024 – (CS) Senior Python Engineer – New York, NY
⦁ 0025 – (CS) HR Systems Implementation Project Manager – North of Boston, MA
⦁ 0026 – (CHS) Information Security Analyst – East Coast, NH
⦁ 0027 – (CS) Javascript Framework Consultant/DevOps – East Coast, NH

To know more about these postings, please visit and let us know your interest. Do not hesitate to mention it to others that might not know about yet! Wishing you a great Fall season.

Yan Robert
Associate, ITPMtogo

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