Hi All!

This week :

  • Opened registration for our networking-conference event on Dec, 1st at Club St-James (registration on http://www.itpmtogo.com in our Event section
  • Working on a few new roles for New England, let us know if interested or if you know someone (roles are only partly published on the site yet):
    • APEX senior developer
    • APEX functional/solution architect
    • ITIL Sr Project Manager
  • Our network is still growing! … now at :
  • 110+ users subscribed to our mailing list
  • 45+ “Ready to fly” candidates (see our Ready to fly website section)

Hoping to see at one of our next events, while we keep searching for ways to increase the opportunities south of the border 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone,

Yan Robert

Principal Associate

www.itpmtogo.gom – (514) 880-4419



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