Hi Everyone,

Last message we sent out was to confirm we would, being back from a long vacation, reinitiate our work on getting opportunities and developing our network in the USA and Canada.

Unfortunately, the political and economical context south of the border has evolved greatly, and most indicators are turning… red, for obvious reasons.

It is easy to see that it will be quite more complex to build bridges with US businesses in the coming months or years, so that we can find good opportunities for our network members.

Sad to say in light of this, we have chosen to end our operations.

Someday the context might change positively, and in such case, ITPMtogo might come back and shine. We thank all of you for supporting the project last year, and wish you all a great series of opportunities here or abroard.

Best regards,

Karina et Yan
Founders of ITPMtogo

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