Hi All,

We are constantly learning more about what will be key for a US firm to consider some of us for a mandate. Keeping in mind that for generic roles, they will usually always shop locally, so… what would get them to consider a senior IT resource from Canada?

Firstly, we discovered that having a specialty will be the main element making your profile visible. We need to apply for a role and a process or technology that we have clearly worked on in say, the last 3-5 years.

On top of that, the next question a US firm will have is : will this candidate REALLY come down and work here? Although remote work is a reality today, most companies will not hire remote from day 1. Especially, as senior resources, we will normally not price ourselves so low that they would consider it.

We also found a certain number of criteria that do bring profiles on top of the pile. Want to take the test?

You may download this fun-to-use quick app we designed and try it on your PC:


Have fun, and good luck with the score 😉 Confidential of course!

Yan Robert
Associate, ITPMtogo

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