Hi All!

We wish to thank you for your support this year.

Launched at summer 2016, ITPMtogo has become known in Montreal and Toronto, and within a few weeks this fall we have :

  • Held a conference at Club St-James, Montreal;
  • Published ads in AQIIIs and Reseau Action TIs web sites;
  • Gathered more than 100 subscriptions to our mailing list;
  • Onboarded more than 60 “Ready to fly” candidates

These steps have allowed us to learn more about US opportunities and realized that key success elements resided in specialties and mobility. Being able to at least provide 5-day onsite presence in the first weeks of a mandate do seem like a major asset. Some of you have got interviews through our new process with the firms we currently deal with.

All of this suggests we have to increase our efforts to sign up with additional firms, in order to publish more opportunities – the more we publish, the highest your chances of finding the right one!

Then, with the US election results we had a set back. We moved our Dec, 1st conference to March 2017 to allow our immigration and Canada-US fiscal specialists time to interpret this decision made by the Americans, and to determine how it could impact our approach.

As well, it was time to establish a plan to widen the US coverage. We will need a few weeks into next year to take off on that side. The firms we are dealing with have gradually slowed down as they usually do by mid-November, so new offers are scarce on the site. This was expected, but it was a steep decline.

Hence we are slowing down ourselves, will come back strong after the Holidays. There will be some activity on ITPMtogo but less than usual. We will follow incoming emails on info@itpmtogo.com and anytime an opportunity shows up we will publish it and contact the ones it may concern.

Last but not least, we wish to thank all of you for your support since we started, there is no doubt 2017 will be an even more interesting year!

The ITPMtogo team

www.itpmtogo.gom – (514) 880-4419

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